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I have Z-Wave devices that were on an old hub, how do I use them?

Z-Wave devices can only be attached to one hub at a time.  If you are moving devices from another brand hub you will need to Exclude them (or perform a full reset) first.

You can Exclude devices using nCube - it's referred to as Excluding from a foreign network. Z-Wave devices will accept an Exclude command from any hub not just the original hub that they were paired to.

From the nCube Dashboard, open the menu side bar (icon top left), select Settings (only the admin user will have this choice), then click Exclude and whilst it's in Exclude mode (60 seconds) click three times in one second on the device you're excluding (some devices may need only a single click).

The Exclude mode will end, then go to the large + symbol to the right of Devices on the Dashboard and you'll now be able to include those Z-Wave devices into nCube.