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Setting up WiFi connection

The nCube hub can be connected to the home network either using the LAN cable or by using WiFi.

This topic is relevant for all software updates up to 1.7.8.  As the deisgn is complex a new update will be published which makes the process much simpler.  We strongly recommend using the LAN cable until the new design is complete.

The hub wifi generally works as a WiFi Client that connects to your home WiFi network.  When no LAN cable is attached and when there are no WiFi details stored in the hub, the hub acts as a WiFi Access Point purely for the ability to set up the hub to connect to your home WiFi network.

It is not possible for the hub to be connected using the Ethernet LAN cable AND act as a WiFi Access Point at the same time.

Follow these steps to get the hub to connect to your home network using WiFi:
1. Do not have the LAN cable connected to the nCube hub.
2. Keep refreshing your WiFi list (phone or tablet) until the nCube WiFi SSID (format NC-xxxx where xxxx is unique to your hub) shows up.  Connect to that WiFi.

3. Open the browser (not the app for the moment) and browse to

4. After a while (you may need to refresh the browser or click the retry button if it shows a blue screen saying the hub can't be found) you will see the page to enter your home WiFi name and password.  Click edit, add the details, click save, click restart-networking.

5. Your mobile will disconnect from the NC-xxxx WiFi and reconnect to it's preferred WiFi.  Check this has happened and that you are attached back to your same home WiFi network correctly.

6. The hub wifi will now be attempting to connect to your home wifi network and the NC-xxxx WiFi SSID will no longer be visible (you may see it still listed in the WiFi list on your phone but clicking it will return a standard WiFi error that the network couldn't be joined as the phone keeps it in memory for a minute or two).

7. Now use the app on the phone and it should find the hub and give you the login page (Note, as per point 5, your mobile needs to be connected to your home WiFi at this point as nCube has a security feature whereby the first login must be done locally in the home before remote access is allowed).


Error conditions
If you enter incorrect WiFi details the app doesn't notify you and the hub can't be accessed as it will keep on trying to connect to the home WiFi.  In this case:
1. Connect the hub with a LAN cable.
2. Using the nCube app to go to settings, WiFi settings.
3. Click Forget to clear the wifi details and press restart networking.

4. Power down the hub.
​5. Disconnect the LAN cable, power the hub up again and repeat steps 2 to 7 above.

As you can see it's not a good process and so hence we are redesigning it using a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi instead.