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Speakers - sonos

The first step with speakers is to set them up with their own app - once done, nCube will be able to find them on your local network and start controlling them.


nCube supports the set of sonos speakers.  Each speaker is treated as a separate music device.  If you wish to set up Left/Right pairing or groups, first use the sonos app.  Only non-premium services such as free to air radio stations and locally stored music tracks (stored on other devices on your home network) are supported by nCube.

Within nCube you can choose radio stations to play, select locally stored tracks, set the volume, pause/play/rewind/fastforward music tracks.  You can also set a schedule (through the Cubes feature) and more.

Once you have got the sonos speakers working with the sonos app (so they're connected to your home wifi/LAN network) follow these two steps:

1. Go to the nCube Dashboard and next to the Device banner click on the “+” icon to the right then select “sonos” from the list. (The “+” icon can also be found on the Devices page too).

2. After a moment the sonos speakers(s) will be listed; click on the  “+” icon and it’ll show “added” next to each and you can now go back to the Device list and start using the speaker(s).  

For further information, please have a look at your model number and check the instructions given here: http://www.sonos.com/documents/productguides/en/SetupGuide_EN.pdf